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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can AI help in employee transportation?

Managing transportation for thousands of employees and across different shifts manually create a lot of confusions and mismanagement of rides. AI and machine learning add a great level of control and optimisation of routes through automated systems

Is Zooper a transport service provider?

No, Zooper is a technology platform for companies and service providers.

Do companies need to switch over to a new service provider?

No, we do not intend to disturb your comfort with your existing vendors if you are happy with their services. We would empower you to transform your transport operations with your current vendor itself. However, if you need, we could support you in onboarding any of the service providers already utilizing our technology platform

How can a transport service provider utilize Zooper technology?

We provide mobile app for drivers, an intuitive dashboard for vendors and sub vendors to manage their fleet and rides. Onboarded sub-vendors may work with different service providers within the city, thereby increasing their profitability

Can a vendor get business from Zooper?

Yes, we not only empower transport service providers through our technology, we may also introduce top performing vendors to our enterprise customers if they wish to switch over to a new vendor.

Which cities can Zooper serve in?

As we are a technology platform, we are not bound by any geographical boundaries. Our route optimization algorithm is quite configurable and can very easily adapt to dynamics of any city.